The Power of Gratitude.. The Unknown Secret

20 June 2017

So last week after attending one of my favorite bands Yellowcard in concert,  my new Audi was broken into.  They took my new Steve Mcqueen Perisal sunglasses, iPod, my dates purse as well as money.   My initial acton was anger and frustration, many of the items were brand new.  But after realizing they could of taken a lap top as well as fitness equipment that was even more valuable.  I started to give thanks.

Normally I keep my gratitude journal in a nice leather bag, most of the time it is always with me or in my car.   Had this been in my car undoubtedly they would of taken this.  After a few minutes I offered a silent prayer in gratitude as it could of been much worse.

The thought occurred to me that our possessions can be like a pond of water, eventually if the pond sits with no ebb and flow the water becomes stagnant.  It starts to stink and we limit the opportunity for new abundance to come into our lives.  When a river flows it brings new life.  So is it with our lives if we do not allow our possessions to become a central focus.

The universe will conspire to help you when your willing to let go and let God take over.  Within 48 hours I was offered a concert ticket , I was given a ticket to a gala and dinner.  I unexpectedly received two checks in the mail one for $5500 and the other for $3000.  Was all of this coincidence?  Maybe, but I would like to think that by being Grateful to God that it could not of been worse, I received even more abundance than I had previously from this experience.

Each of us has a choice on how we want to think, You can always choose to be grateful or you can choose lack and limitation. When you have gratitude you will shift to a higher frequency, and you will attract even more abundance into your life.

 7 Tips on Creating a Gratitude Journal

  1. Make it a routine – Select a time to write every day and make it a habit.
  2. Write in detail – Journal about what impacted you that day.
  3. Accept the negative – Abundance comes and goes, don’t try and hold too tight.
  4. Uncover gratitude in unexpected moments – Find small daily miracles of gratitude each day.
  5. Practice gratitude for the right things – Think of what material things allow you to be and do, not just have.
  6. When you go to sleep – Think of the all the things your grateful for, as you fall asleep to what your grateful for abundance will come even more into your life.
  7. When you wake up – Be grateful that your alive and that today will be the best day of your life.


As we approach Thanksgiving we often become more grateful,  we need to take time out and have daily gratitude not just on Thanksgiving.

As you become more grateful not only will you receive more abundance,  but your health will improve.  You will become a more positive and happier person in the process.

I love this quote by the scientist  Robert Emmons “Without gratitude, life can be lonely, depressing and impoverished.  Gratitude enriches human life.  It elevates, energizes, inspires and transforms.  People are moved, opened and humbled through expressions of gratitude.”

So the next time you lose something remember to have gratitude, and the universe will conspire to bring more abundance into your life.

© 2023 Lane Olsen.