Ep. 73

January 8, 2018


Todays Episode: ONE PAGE LIFE PLAN

In this episode create a plan for the year. This is more than just setting goals is a road map for success.



1. Make a list of Top 5 must haves for the year

2. 6 Daily Regiments you must do every day. (Previous Podcast on this)

3. One Goal in 8 areas of your life

4. Personal affirmation plan

5. Top 3 values and goals

6. Quarterly plan on what your doing in these areas

Its easy to get distracted and waste time texting, social media web browsing and TV.

Focus on making the best year ever in 2018!

We our co-Creators with God when it comes to our Goals… With his help and our determination it will happen.

More tips on goal setting and achievement in podcast

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