Ep. 58

August 29, 2017


Todays Episode: How to Travel Like James Bond

Learn how to stay safe when you travel. I just came back from Barcelona where the terrorist attack occurred.

Too many people when traveling do not use safety precautions on holiday or even in the cities where they live.

You always need to be aware of these tips:

1. Perception
2. Situational Awareness
3. Don’t be a Hero
4. Movement

Always be aware if someone is starring, the speed and movement they are walking or driving.

Learn about these strategies:

1. Cell Phones
2. Crossing Streets
3. What floor of hotel should you stay
4. Photo Documents
5. Why you should carry a large bill
6. Where to sit in restaurants
7. Should you travel alone
8. Should you use the hotel safe
9. What tools should you always have with you
10. How to fit in
11. Tips you should use at the hotel
12. How to stay safe

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