Ep. 1

January 31, 2016


Todays episode is based on how you can read two books in a week.


24% of the population of the United States didn’t even read a single book last year, with men reading even less then women. Whats interesting it there is a co-relation between the highest earners and how many books they read. The more they read, the higher they earn – remember that formal education will make you a living, but self education will make you rich.


The tips to achieve this are


* Always read 15 minutes every morning

* Always read 30 minutes before going to bed

* This 45 minutes can be made up over the course of the day – always

bring a book with you as you leave the house.

* Audible is an amazing resource and can be a great way to consume a book. You can listen to books at the gym or in your car using Audible.

* Its not a matter of how many books you read, but ensuring that you’re taking notes and finding ways to utilize the books lessons in your life.

* Consider speeding up the playback of the book if the narrator is slow to

consume the book quicker. 1.5 times normal speed is a good speed.

* Focus on something that you want to become an expert at, and the

more you study, your life will change.


Live with power, live with passion and live with purpose.

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