Ep. 67

December 4, 2017



If the Lane of 18 year’s old knew of all the challenges that would one day lie ahead of him..

Im sure he would of wanted his life to be over..

But little did he know of all the amazing experiences this young man would one day experience.

The past few years undoubtably have been the most challenging times of my life.

* I lost my beautiful son
* I lost 150k on some options and business
* I lost a million dollars in Real Estate
* A high Executive job opportunity fell through
* I got laid off a job after 15 years
* I found out I had cancer
* I got divorced and became a full time father
* Broken bones and ruptured tendons
* Some relationships ended
* And a few others that are personal

However in spite of these challenges I am truly blessed…


1. I have learned the gift of TIME… That time is more valuable than anything, that every second you spend with someone you love or a friend is now timeless.. Every second watching a sunset or a flower brings meaning…

2. I have learned the Gift of FAITH… I now have to rely on God for all my challenges rather than doing things on my own, which I previously did… Once you become broken if forces you to become more Christlike and closer to God.

3. I have learned the Gift of MEMORIES… There is not a day that goes by that I think of the happiest time in my life when my kids were younger.. The memories of Simon become Stronger not faded.

4. I have learned the Gift of SIMPLICITY… For the majority of my life I could buy what I wanted, I have learned that its not all about Stuff and that you can still live on the basic things of life.

5. I have learned the Gift of TRAVEL, I have traveled to Italy, Switzerland, Finland, Estonia, France, Ukraine, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, New York, Detroit, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, Toronto, Orange County. I took my boys on a cross country LegacyTrip across america. I have experienced new culture and made new friends.

6. I have learned the Gift of PRAYER…. I have never prayed harder or opened my soul as much to God. I have conversed with him like a trusted friend…

7. I have been blessed with the Gift of being a FATHER. I have been lucky to have my 4 beautiful kids, we have done so many wonderful adventures together, I have coached them in sports, I have taken them on monthly dates, I have a true appreciation for each child

8. The Gift of Love. I have met the most amazing woman who treats me better than I have in my entire life. She is so kind and beautiful on the inside. We have so many of the same hobbies and interests. From Art galleries, Opera’s and plays, yoga and fitness, healthy life style and relationship with Christ, fashion and is a wonderful mother and we equally love to travel.

9. I have been blessed with COMFORT…. While traveling I witnessed true poverty. When I think of the pioneers I have so many worldly comforts.. I have been truly blessed of many nice comforts and possessions.

10. I have been blessed with FRIENDS.. They have prayed and been concerned for me.. I have really found out who is a close friend and have closer friendships today.

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