Ep. 4

February 15, 2016


Creating a Daily Code of Conduct will remind you of your purpose and what you want to contribute to society.


Get your journal or note pad and write down what would be a perfect day.  The power of the sub conscious mind is very powerful and will aid you on your path.


You want to read every morning to start your day


This is mine:


Over the next 24 hours, I vow to appreciate this day,  and to use every minute wisely and fully.  So much can be done over the next 24 hours to advance my life’s agenda and complete my legacy.  I will, throughout this day, remember that this day could be my last and that no great person ever died with there music still in them.


I will use my talents to benefit the lives of others. Everyone who enters my life this day has a lesson to teach me and a gift to bring.  I will brighten the mood of everyone I meet.  Today I will only be engaged in worthy pursuits.


The choices I make today will bring me fulfillment and happiness.  I will only focus on positive thoughts which will bring me positive outcomes.   I will focus on life’s priorities. I will enjoy the simple things in life.


I will see my children as a a gift, and that I can learn as much from them as they can from me.  I will devote the time to be the best parent I can be.  I will remember that time lost can never be regained.


Today, life will send me a new opportunity and my destiny will ultimately be defined by how I respond to that opportunity.


Today is the day that I will set my sights high and go for it!

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