How to Be a More Manly Guy This Year…

20 June 2017

The Alpha Male, a Man of honor, Integrity and Strength. Aka James Bond… Being an alpha male has its positives and negatives.  Thinking you can conquer the world and take charge is one of the positives.

However sometimes we try so hard to be manly that we end up being like a primitive cave man.  We become weak, overly baring and sometimes outright rude.

This year lets see how MANLY you can be.  And become the quintessential Alpha Male!

1. Yes you can bench over 225 pounds on the bench press, you’re a 2 handicap in golf, you can drain a 3 pointer playing pickup ball… But can you Pee Straight…  Come on guys how hard is it to pee straight into the urinal without missing.  Airports and gyms can get so disgusting; I seriously have to do my yoga moves while I pee so I freaking don’t stand in it. Don’t tell be about how much you can lift. Tell me you’re a straight shooter.

2. So you don’t do porn, you’re not on meth.. Nice job!! But you’re addicted to Clash of Clans. I’ve seen guys at church, family reunions, and work playing this game. Really guys…I get High School or your freshman year in college, but when you’re a father and you’re playing this game in front of your kids.   Are you kidding me.  We can do better.

3.  Get off your phone while driving in the fast lane. For that matter if someone is on your rear move over and be polite. Is this even on the driving test anymore…How many times do you see someone going 55 in the fast lane.  OMG!$#

4. When you’re at the gym in the dressing area.. Do you really have to stand there and flex in front of the mirrors with all the other guys changing and watching you… Can’t you wait until you get home.. Seriously…. Guys your not Mel Gibson in Brave Heart….. Please do it at home…

5.  Yes, I know it can be considered Alpha male to walk up and talk to a girl while she is on a date… But really guys didn’t your mother ever teach you manners.. Be courteous and respectful even if its your competition… The girl you’re interested in will be more impressed.

6.  Giving your kids a hug.. Yes, it’s easy when they are little, but when they become older it can be considered out of style. We subconsciously think that we are too manly to show any affection. Give your kids a hug, boys included, and make a connection with them.

7. 24% of the USA population did not read a book in the previous year… Guys, it’s even worse for you as women double the average. Reading is in direct correlation of your income,  those that made over $75,000 read the most books.. Give yourself a pay raise by reading, not only will this improve your income, but you will become a more knowledgable person and people will enjoy associating with you.

Guys, we have a code to look out for each other and become Men… Not Guys…. We owe it to our women, our kids and society.

Lets all become Men this Year and not just a Guy….


Lane Olsen is a busy man, and loving every minute of his abundant life. Lane is the founder of “Empowering You to a World Class Life”, Ripped Body Today, Fathers on Fire, Law Of Abundance, Goal Setting University, and Invest in Blue Chips.

Lane is an entrepreneur, motivator and training expert. He started out as an Executive over a large corporation with responsibility of over $120,000,000 in annual sales and over 1000 employees. Lane is active in real estate and stock market investing.

Lane passionate about creating abundance in all areas of your life while helping you find your purpose and talents to share to the world

Lane lives in the beautiful rocky mountains where he is busy raising his kids. Yoga, Krav Maga, Fitness, Swing Dancing, Golf, Self Improvement, and helping and encouraging others are just a few of his leisure-time activities.

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