I’m always looking for those committed to taking their lives to World Class. I only coach a few people at a time, so if your ready and determined to change your life and see World Class results fill out the application.

There is the significant investment of time, energy and money required, so please only fill out the form if you are committed to change and life-changing results.

Work with me, and your life will transform. I will challenge you to reach your inner greatness and potential.

My Coaching Philosophy Researching the true nature of Power has been a central theme of my life. I’ve lived life on the edges, in extraordinary environments, working with and learning from some of the world’s top teachers, trainers, coaches.

My clients create miracles.
On a regular basis.
Bring your biggest dream.
Or your biggest fear.
And we’ll handle them. Forever.

120 Day Coaching Program

  • Forms and questionnaires that asks thought-provoking and compelling questions.
  • Worksheets, resources and personalized tools that have been designed to meet your individual needs
  • Sessions are scheduled weekly for 12 – One Hour Calls or Skype
  • Unlimited text or email support to answer any questions
  • Additional Resources Provided as Required
  • Occasional Homework assignments
  • No Quit Policy


BONUS : 1 on 1 Emergency 30-minute call between sessions set up by email.

BONUS : My online training program World Class Life Formula

BONUS : Free Post Coaching update accountability session can be used three months after expiration

I take on very few clients at a time, so I can give you the time and energy you to transform your life. All of my programs are by invitation only.

You must be ready to invest your energy, your time and your commitment to creating something so powerful in your life that it will have a lasting impact.

Most people die with their music still inside them. Not my clients!

When you are ready, contact me here to request a powerful conversation.

Lane Olsen









My purpose is to help people realize their dreams and wake up to the magnificence of a World Class Life

20 Minute Free Consultation

2 Day Creation Coaching

120 Day Coaching

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